Club rules

1.1- Springbok Model Boat Club (the Club) shall be affiliated to Care Ashore of Springbok Farm Estate Alfold GU6 8EX who is also the Club’s Landlord as owner of the pond used by the Club.

1.2 - The lease does not permit the operation of fast electric models or models fitted with internal combustion engines.
1.3 - Members are entitled to use the pond at any time subject to any fishing competitions or events as advertised on site.
2.1 - To provide for the sailing of model boats on the pond leased in the Club’s name from the Landlord.
3.1 - Shall be open to anyone who has completed the Club’s Application Form and paid the appropriate subscription and has been approved by the Management Committee.
3.2 - Members must promptly notify the Club Secretary of any change of address. 4 - MANAGEMENT OF THE CLUB
4.1 - The Club shall be managed by a minimum of three officers (the officers) who shall also be members viz: the Treasurer the Secretary and the Bosun.
4.2 - Management decisions shall be made by a simple majority at meetings where all management committee members have been given notice or have waived that right.
4.3 - These rules can only be changed by a majority decision of the officers of the Club.
4.4 - The Club shall operate a bank account in the Club’s name with a minimum of two signatories being required on all payments.

5.1 - There shall be two types of members’ meetings viz the ’Annual General Meeting’ (the AGM) and an ‘Extraordinary General Meeting’ (an EGM).
5.2 - The AGM shall be held in November or December of each year to review the Club’s accounts and to fix the subscription for the following year and to discuss any matters raised by the members.
5.3 - The EGM: the officers can call an EGM at any time.
5.4 - Decisions at both AGM and EGM meetings shall be taken by a simple majority of all members being entitled to vote and being present at the meeting with sole exception that an officer cannot vote for his or her re-election.
5.5 - A quorum for both the AGM and an EGM shall be all three officers plus four paid up ordinary members.
5.6 - For both the AGM and an EGM, a Notice thereof will be sent to all members at their last recorded address at least twenty-one days before the date of said meeting.
6.1 - A member will be liable for expulsion from the Club if he or she breaks any of its rules.
7.1 - Subscriptions shall be agreed at each AGM for the following year.
7.2 - If the members shall fail to agree on the subscription the Management Committee shall decide the subscription.
8.1 - The only insurance cover taken out by the Club is ‘directors and officers’ cover that protects the officers acting in that capacity on behalf of the Club.
8.2 - Members must make their own individual arrangements for third party, personal injury or property damage cover.
9.1 - The Management Committee takes the question of ‘safety’ very seriously and shall ensure that periodic ‘safety inspections’ are carried out and acted upon.
9.2 - Neither the Club nor the Landlord can accept any responsibility for any loss injury or damage howsoever caused.
9.3 - Where members volunteer to use the Club’s rescue boat they do so at their own risk and it is essential that they comply with the Club’s relevant ‘safety instructions’.
9.4 - The Landlord has at all times qualified first aid personnel on the premises and any incidents where medical assistance is required or members’ safety is compromised must be reported immediately to the Landlord and also to a member of the Club’s Management Committee.
 9.5 - For operation of model boats on the pond there must be a minimum of two persons present one of whom must be an adult and a member of the Club.

10.1 - Visitors to the Club can only sail on the lake provided a Club member is present and that at all times they act reasonably and in conformity with the Club’s rules.
10.2 - Minors and vulnerable adult visitors must at all times be under the effective supervision of a parent, guardian or carer who must accept total responsibility for their safety.
10.3 - A visitor may only sail a maximum of three times in any calendar year before being obliged to apply for Club membership, If a visitor’s application for membership is turned down he or she can no longer sail as a ‘visitor’.
11.1 - Should circumstances arise which in the opinion of the management committee make dissolution of the Club appropriate an EGM will be convened.
11.2 - If the decision is to dissolve the Club any excess of assets shall become the property of the Landlord.

Covid Rules

Guidance for public on return of sport in England updated 10th September 2020

1: Gathering of more than 6 people in or out not to be permitted.

2: Social distancing guidance to be followed. ie a distance of 2 metres between people of different households or 1 metre with face covering if 2 metres is not possible.

3: Where communal surfaces exist they must be sanitised at intervals and try to avoid sharing equipment.

4: If you are aged over 70 and you are clinically vulnerable you could be at a higher risk and should be extra vigilant about social distancing and hand hygiene.

5: Sports facilities must follow social distancing rules.

6: Government is liasing with national sporting bodies to determine guidance.

7: When sharing equipment wash hands thoroughly.

8: Watersports including sailing must apply social distancing when encountering others.

9: It is essential to keep a record of all attendees including observers

10: Each event organiser must produce a written plan showing how he will operate the club to ensure compliance with these regulations. Crowding or congregation must be strictly avoided.

11: The course sailed must allow social distancing particularly at the start of a race.

12: All paricipants must self assess for any Covid 19 symptoms including high temperature, new continuous cough, loss or change in sense of smell. If any of these apply then the person must self isolate.

Written Plan

Due to the new Govt restrictions I have been asked by Care Ashore to keep a note of all members actually visiting the lake until further notice. If you are definitely coming please send me an email advising but failing that I will keep a note on the day.


We also need to take social distancing seriously and split into distinct socially distanced groups of up to 6 people. So please no more sitting on the jetty as this makes social distancing problematic for launching. Please bring a chair so that we can spread out along the bank. The tables have been moved further apart to allow for up to 3 groups. Please do not move between groups.

If the rescue boat is needed then 3 people wearing face masks must follow our normal procedures with everyone else keeping clear. Sanitise hands after use or handling members yachts.



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