March 2024

A collision was narrowly avoided on the lake today



The weather was very kind on Friday for our annual lake tidy up with plenty of willing hands to help out. Many thanks to all in attendance and a big thank you to Tim yet again who led us ever deeper into the thickets surrounding the lake!

Mike has completed his Fifer build with some nice new sails and a few other modifications to rudder and keel to help it sail more sweetly!


February 2024

A few photos from this years Midhurst Show, our first club outing for some years.

Here is the organiser, Tim, ready for duty!

Some general views:

January 2024

A close up of some action on the lake today




September 2023

Our annual Springbok Cup was held the last Friday of the month in typical local conditions, mainly light and shifty breezes. The convincing winner was Mike Tidy seen here receiving the trophy from our membership secretary Richard Norman.


August 2023

Petworth report

The weather forecast for the day was grim reading with the National Trust suggesting we call it off. However the rain was forecast to end at 11am with the rest of the afternoon dry. Agreement was reached to delay our arrival until midday when the West Gates were opened and we were able to deliver our kit to the lakeside. We still had to park outside afterwards mind.

A crisp breeze was whistling down to the lake from the house so a start line was set parallel to the bank and we just had enough string to set one buoy nearly half way across - so we had a triangular course with a good dead beat back most of the time. Our friendly racing was dominated by Richard Alford who won a big majority of the many short races. The sun came out as the day progressed giving near perfect sailing conditions. An excellent outing in the end.

The memorial Geoff Millichamp regatta was held in good weather this year with the normal Springbok variable breeze conditions prevailing. We had 10 DF/RG65's on the water competing over 6 races with one discard. Defending champion Steve prevailed in emphatic style to retain the cup in emphatic style.



Starlet regatta

We were plagued by very light winds during the regatta managing only three races, the last one was a short course. 
The overall winner of this new event was Mike with two clear wins. Our treasurer won the first race but had to then retire with gear failure.
However the best turned out Starlet (as adjudicated by me!) was a very close call with Tom just pipping RichardN.

For those that missed out we spent a very nice Saturday at Petworth in the company of the Dabblers and Frensham. The breeze was a bit all over the place and we had to take refuge in the gazebo for an hour while a lively thunderstorm blew through! A wide variety of craft were on display and some friendly 65 racing was done across the lake with a very demanding rounding at the far side.


Some more information and another picture from John. This is a 1:6.5 scale model of a 6m German keel centreboard 

folkeboot built between 1947 & 1969 from a 1920’s design – called a Hansa-Jolle.

Another recent new arrival is Tom's beautifully constructed Pilot launch, seen below with the man himself in the background.

RichardN recently unveiled his newly completed immaculate Starlet, joining our ever growing fleet. He has cunningly included an inboard propulsion unit to help with those tricky situations that we all encounter from time to time, like drifting helplessly into the island!


The last days boating in May saw the launch of John's very pretty and meticulously constructed new yacht seen here about to rapidly overhaul Tom's DF65 which was languishing in the doldrums. It was in fact a very blustery morning posing some challenging sailing conditions at times.


The rescue boat had its first outing of the year captained appropriately enough by yours truly.

March 2023

This years lake clear up was well attended by club members. Special thanks have to go once again to Tim who broke the back of the job with his power tools.



A brilliant November morning


Springbok Trophy Oct 2022

A turn out of 7 DF65 model yachts raced for this years trophy in very light drifting conditions. The very clear victor was Richard Norman who won both the practice race and the first race by a considerable margin before racing was abandoned as the fickle breeze deserted us entirely. Here is Richard on the left receiving the trophy.

Geoff Millichamp Trophy Regatta

This was our most closely fought regatta to date. Two lots of heats each comprising 4 races were sailed with the top 7 skippers going through to the finals. Four races were then sailed resulting in a 3 way dead heat. A sudden death sail off followed with Steve Hill a deserved winner.

The weather was outstandingly good and special thanks must go to Tim for bringing his gazebo and all the volunteers who helped erect it.

Here is Steve on the left receiving the trophy:

Here is a general scene on the day:

Close racing:


Petworth in the Park 2022

Some pictures from the recent event

May 2022

The lake is currently closed due to unexplained fish deaths

February 2022 storms

Our shed has had rather a short life


Xmas Lunch delayed until 10th December

Springbok Regatta September 2021

We had a fair turnout of DF95's on Friday for the Cup event which was won in convincing style by Mike Tidy who managed to master the tricky conditions in style. The weather was kind for the 8 race sail off where a special thanks must be given to Peter Martin for once again recording the results with deadly accuracy! This is Mikes second trophy of the season making him our most successful member in these competitions.

Here is Mike receiving the trophy from yours truly on the left:

Petworth Regatta September 2021

The long awaited return to Petworth finally took place last Friday following last years cancellations due to Covid. A good turnout was helped by 4 Frensham honorary day members! The weather was very nice with some good breeze playing havoc with our starting line by blowing one of the buoys out of position.

We did about 6 friendly races for 65's with Chris joining in with his largest craft, pictured below. The Frensham contingent turned up with a racey looking tri and two classic 15 metre class model yachts which spent most of the time ashore unfortunately. A lot of interest was shown by passers by who were out walking the dogs or just enjoying the setting.

We had a friendly reception from the National Trust who will invite us back next year. The charity event that we attended last time also returns next year.





Geoff Millichamp Regatta August 2021

Our annual regatta in memory of our former leader was held today in blustery and sometimes damp conditions brightened by occasional sunshine. A total of 8 races were completed with up to 9 DF65 yachts on the water. Sailing conditions were very difficult with occasional strong gusts of wind followed by calm. Overall winner was Mike Tidy seen photographed here on the right.

The racing was very close for much of the time with no one individual dominating the results.



Some old photos have recently come to light taken at Springbok during the early days of our club. I think the staging in evidence has been replaced twice! The background is interesting in so far as how small the trees are and how little vegetation there was. Does anyone recognise any of the people present?


February 2021

Club is affiliated to the Model Yachting Association (MYA)

January 2021

Springbok Lake 29th January on a wet morning with 2 anglers on vigil

YouTube video of an Alfold Show in the distant past when social contacts unimaginable today were still allowed!


Mike Tidy

Latest picture of Starlet

Mike has been busy working on his new Starlet again, the yacht that seems to be taking the club by storm. This one is a little special I think as he is clearly installing some indoor plumbing for the installation of a WC or perhaps a working galley. Mike pretends it is for routing some control lines which seems most unlikely.

Pete Shires has been busy working on his Starlet and sends us the following report:


I have just cast the 2 keel weights for my Starlet. Having cast weights in the past and had no problems I know that others may find it difficult. If someone wants help in casting I am offering to cast their Starlet keels. This offer is for Springbok members only. I am going into mass production!

I use a large gas bottle which I get refilled which is so much easier.

ps: They will also have to supply some lead (about 5lbs).


Anyone wishing to avail themselves of Pete’s generous offer kindly let me know please.


Happy New Year. Boating suspended once again due to Covid

New steps done!

Built and installed by our own Richard Crew. The old steps were not replace along with the staging and were unfortunately unsafe

Wednesday 4th November - last day before second lockdown




New hard standing - work in progress September 2020

Nearly done!


Our new shed

Following the unceremonious eviction from our shed, and the unsatisfactory alternative arrangements offered, we have gone ahead and purchased and today erected our our new shed. Here is a picture of work in progress:

Most of the work is complete and will be concluded on Wednesday. Special thanks go to Mike Tidy, Richard Crew and Peter Shires whose efforts over a long day were outstanding. Our immediate local resident (pictured in the foreground) also helped out throughout the day with his wife providing refreshments in the high temperatures recorded.

Now complete!

The Geoff Millichamp memorial regatta 2020
The Geoff Millichamp Memorial Regatta was sailed in DF65 model racing yachts last Friday in brilliant hot sunshine in a decent if erratic breeze. Turnout was down on last year but two heats were sailed in the morning, each with 4 yachts, followed by the finals after lunch.
Thanks must be given to Peter Martin for his unflinchingly honest stewardship resulting in me being awarded first prize! This was after 3 races with one discard. The result for second place was so tight it had to be shared between Steve Hill and Richard Crew. Following on from this was Mike Tidy and then Richard Norman.
Last years winner Richard Crew awarded the trophy in the absence of the invited dignitaries who had better things to do with their time.
A most enjoyable, if slightly exhausting day in the heat was had by all the participants prepared to offer an opinion. Here is the winner accepting the trophy in the time honoured tradition.



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